Why Sweden Has the Best Work-Life Balance for Employees

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I thought of putting my 5+ years of recruitment experience in words.  I was into US recruitment for 4.5 years and then moved to Sweden recruitment.

Dealing with candidates from two different continents is a great experience all-together.

I’ve joined into recruitment as a fresher and with the help of colleagues and mentors, I’ve got to know in detail about recruitment. Within no time, I learned how to talk, what to talk, what to present, Do’s & Dont’s, how to respond and so on. I still remember the first call that I made to a candidate for the position “Software Engineer” in California. I was excited but, when I heard the tone from the other side, I started feeling nervous and I hang up the call. I called him again, the way he reponded to him, it made my day. After that first call, I never hang-up a call till now.

After spending 4.5 years in US recruitment, I made my mind to make a move out of it and thought of exploring something new. That’s when, I’ve got to know about #siriab, who hire people from India and send them to Sweden.

Sweden is a country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway to the west and north and Finland to the East and is connected to Denmark in Southwest. Sweden enjoys a relatively low-income inequality and a high standard of living. One of the most common jobs in Sweden is that of a programmer and Indian software consultants here usually score high on performance and customer satisfaction. Also, Indians are the fastest-growing visitors in Sweden.

Every year, thousands of Indian IT Engineers are granted work permits in Sweden. They play a very important role. “Many times, these individuals are highly skilled and contribute to IT development projects. If they weren’t here, these projects would never happen, be delayed or be of lesser quality, said Patrik Karlsson, labor market expert at the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, in the interview published in Dagens Industri.”

Sweden is known for the best work-life balance, old age security, equal access to Healthcare and Education, Flat hierarchy, Work permit to the Spouse, Child Allowance, Parental Benefits, unlimited sickness benefit and many more.

We #siriab as a company, operate in different domains such as Automotive Hardware and Software development, ADAS, Infotainment, Telecommunication software development, and testing, 5G, Radar, Navigation, Gaming and so on.

– Naresh P Gundla, Lead HR Executive, Siri AB.

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