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The COVID-19 breakout has introduced us to an unforeseen situation. From practising social distancing to not travelling freely, our lives have changed. On the professional front, people have been advised to work from home. Although most of us have worked from our homes at some point in time, such a prolonged arrangement is a considerable change.

Top software tools to enhance productivityIf your organisation has recommended work from home and you do not see an immediate end to it, you may need tools to organise your work and enhance your productivity.

We have compiled a list of the resources that you can use to maintain your efficiency.

  • Mentimeter – We all know how challenging it can be to engage the audience while giving a presentation. The problem may compound when each team member is at a different location. Moreover, since the presenter cannot see the body language and reactions of the audience, there is no way to ascertain if the message is getting passed on.

    Mentimeter, a company based in Sweden, offers a resolution through its interactive presentation platform. The platform is easy to use, and one can easily use to make corporate brand presentations. Mentimeter helps in real-time interactions. The QnA button allows the audience to ask questions in real-time without revealing their identity. The polling option is another feature that lets one understand the audience’s response through charts in real-time.


  • Wundamail – You are satisfied with your presentation and have floated the action plan for the next month. How do you track the progress of your team members’ activities? This is where Wundamail can make a difference.

    All you need to do is select a template from Wundamail and send the email to your team members. The next day, the platform will compile the responses from everyone and send you one consolidated email. It is a useful tool for managers for tracking the progress of their current projects and team members. That too, with fewer meetings and calls.


  • Remente – Working from home can have several distractions. In such a scenario, you may need to track your daily goals more closely. Remente is a personal development app that also helps you keep track of your mood. Since anxiety and stress are expected to rise because of the threat of COVID-19, this app may serve more purposes than one.

    It can be your central repository to note down your thoughts, track goals across days and practice mindfulness.


  • Toggl – Are you a freelancer and looking for ways to analyse your productivity? Here is a simple tool that evaluates the time one gives to different clients and projects. Not only does this allow you to understand where you are making money, but also helps to make future projections.

    The tool can also be used by managers in understanding if any manual or repetitive task is taking up the time of their team members. The managers can then focus on finding solutions to resolve these problems.


  • Pipedrive – The current situation is particularly challenging for sales teams who may not get to meet their clients personally. It is going to be a learning curve for them as they will discover newer ideas of approaching clients and closing their deals. Pipedrive is a CRM platform that allows the sales teams to get more hot leads, track communication and automate repetitive administrative tasks.


  • AnyDesk – IT-related problems can cause unnecessary troubles and prevent you from accessing the right corporate tools and resources. AnyDesk is a simple tool that allows people to share their desktops across the globe. It works across devices and operating systems and saves from any incompatibility issues. The installation is quick and takes only 3 MB space.

    It is also a useful tool if you want to collaborate with your colleagues on a presentation or word document. The recording feature allows you to record the sessions and use them later for reference or training purposes.

With these tools, you can ensure your productivity and efficiency while working from home.

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