Siri AB: Humble Beginning, Growth and Pivoting to Achieve our Vision

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One big step for siriab it recruitment
“A small step for man, a huge step for mankind

These iconic words from astronaut Neil Armstrong as he made the first step on Moon would be a good metaphor to explain the small but significant step of Siri AB.

Siri AB was started by Sudheer Kumar, my friend (Chairman cum CEO) and his wife Sirisha, with a passionate vision:  To create 10,000 sustainable jobs across countries, across domains. They helped lay a strong foundation. It started taking wings around 2016 and proud to say we now employ 70 people between India and Sweden.

One big step for siriab it recruitmentWith job creation as our focus, revenue is seen only as a significant but important by-product. This philosophy has driven our HR policies built mostly by Aditya and this helped the company in attracting the best talent. Sticking to the fundamentals, focusing on quality at each level are the biggest investments that the company has made. The dividends from it are helping the company to combat the unprecedented market situations coming out of Covid-19 impact.

In fact, the biggest dividend so far has been the creation of an epochal moment during this crisis. Siri AB has now successfully launched a new service line thanks to the trust based relationship built with customers by my friend and colleague Erik. We have now expanded to outsourcing engagements to help customers in cost reduction and faster time to market in niche technology areas. We now humbly joined the league of entities who over the past few decades have changed the world’s business landscape through outsourcing.

For a company that started with self-employment and no major investments, entering outsourcing is a watershed moment. It is a small step to the world of outsourcing but a huge step for Siri AB. Neil Armstrong’s words, ‘A small step for man, a huge step for mankind’ is the perfect metaphor to explain this small but significant step.

This post is originally written by Nrusimha Kiran Pathakota, Business Strategy Manager at SIRI AB on LinkedIn.

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