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Siri AB is a  client-focused company, willing to go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. Discover the unique ways in which we continue to bring in the Best of India offshore Advantage to our global clients in European countries.


we pay very high importance to information security. We reduce risk by having a multi-location server model.


We have world-class offices in Sweden and Hyderabad, India. Our India office is located at Cyber Towers, an iconic building in Hyderabad that is a landmark by itself.

Talent Pool

Siri AB’s biggest strength is our network of highly qualified technology professionals. We have the ability to increase your resource base without hiring expensive manpower.


Full-Service Provider of both cutting-edge technology research and creative design skills. You have full access and control over multi-disciplinary resources Team


We pride ourselves in following ethical practices with transparent project Management and tool access.

Cost Advantage

You get to save a significant cost by having access to a diversified pool of skilled professionals. Our Offshore Outsourcing Services will improve your overall profit margin with our affordable business engagement models.

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